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Stay Away Policy

To maintain appropriate boundaries and ensure a safe learning environment. Here are a few reasons why it is

important to stay away:

Protecting privacy: Maintaining some distance between teachers and students helps safeguard the privacy of both parties. It minimizes the chances of personal or private information being shared or misused.

Avoiding inappropriate relationships: Building a professional teacher-student relationship is crucial. Keeping a professional distance helps prevent any potential misunderstandings or inappropriate relationships from developing.

Ensuring safety: By maintaining a certain level of separation, both the teacher and student can feel safer. This reduces the risk of cyber-bullying, harassment, or other harmful situations that may arise in online interactions.

Focusing on learning: Online music teachers need to focus on providing quality education and guidance to their students. By maintaining a professional distance, they can devote their energy to teaching without distractions.

In most cases, it is important to note that these boundaries may vary depending on the age (Must be 18 - 21+ or older) and context of the students. Teachers should always prioritize the well-being and safety of their students and follow any relevant guidelines or policies in place until further legal authorized notice. All Music Teachers must have Legal Authorized Consent from the Student, along with a Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement to teach Private Music Lessons in-person to person for Legal purposes. Music Teachers and Students must stay away from each other until otherwise. (Must be 18 - 21+ or older).

These terms were modified and Established on: 09/02/2023 by the online music teachers of DJAYDR University